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The heart of ion chromatography

The column lies at the heart of ion chromatography (IC). Without an appropriate column, even the most powerful IC system will not deliver accurate and reliable results. That's why Metrohm provides a wide range of IC columns that enable you to perform precisely the analysis you need.

Ion chromatography columns from Metrohm:

More than 30 years of experience

  1. Separation columns and guard columns for anions, cations, organic acids, carbohydrates, and other analytes
  2. Preconcentration columns for trace analysis
  3. Specific columns for dedicated applications
  4. Sample preparation cartridges
  5. Specific columns for microbore ion chromatography
  6. Trap columns for eluent and sample purification

Find the right ion chromatography column for your requirements in our Column Finder:

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Learn more about the ion chromatography columns provided by Metrohm:

IC column program 2021(8.000.5347, PDF, 13 MB)

Separation columns from Metrohm

Woman in a lab looking at an IC column

Our columns form the essential part of high-performance analysis of ions and polar substances by ion chromatography. Ion chromatography columns from Metrohm make use of the known separation mechanisms such as:

  • ion exchange
  • ion exclusion
  • ion pair formation

Anion exchange column resins and cation exchange column resins are the most common stationary phases for the analysis of a broad range of analytes.  

Limitless application options

woman in laboratory with ion chromatograph in the background and an IC column in the hand

No matter what your applications require, Metrohm offers the right separation column for every discipline in ion chromatography:

  • anions with or without suppression
  • cations with or without suppression
  • carbohydrates
  • organic acids
  • amines
  • transition metals
  • amino acids

Learn more about IC columns in our application notes

An overview of appropriate columns for selected standard applications is given below. For further information, check our Column Finder.

Application Column
Standard anions (EPA 300.1 Part A, DIN/EN/ISO 10304-1) Metrosep A Supp 5, Metrosep A Supp 17, Metrosep A Supp 19
Standard anions and inorganic disinfection by-products (oxyhalides) (EPA 300.1 Part B, DIN/EN/ISO 10304-4) Metrosep A Supp 7, Metrosep A Supp 18
Bromate (EPA 326, DIN/EN/ISO 11206) Metrosep A Supp 10
Haloacetic acids (HAA5/HAA9 ) (EPA 557) Metrosep A Supp 18
Standard anions in complex matrices, e.g., food and beverage Metrosep A Supp 19
Application Column
Standard cations, transition metals, amines Metrosep C 4, Metrosep C 6
Cation trace analysis Metrosep C Supp 2
Cation determination in complex and/or alkaline matrices Metrosep C Supp 2
Application Column
Carbohydrates as mono- and disaccharides, oligosaccharides, sugar alcohols (also in complex matrices) Metrosep Carb 2
Application Column
Organic acids and short chain fatty acids

Ion exclusion: Metrosep Organic Acids

Anion exchange: Metrosep A Supp 19

Application Column
e.g., IC-MS, IC-MS/MS, IC-ICP-MS, IC-ICP-MS/MS Microbore columns

Efficient, fast, and affordable columns

man holding an IC column in his hands, more IC column packages in the background on a table

The combination of Metrohm intelligent IC columns and Metrohm IC systems guarantees:

  • high separation efficiency
  • short analysis times
  • excellent reproducibility
  • long lifetime
  • low costs
  • uninterrupted traceability
  • error minimization
  • GLP monitoring