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2060 Raman Analyzer
2060 Raman Analyzer

2060 Raman Analyzer

Unleashing analytical precision for comprehensive process monitoring

Designed for continuous inline process monitoring, the 2060 Raman Analyzer offers invaluable insights into your processes. Stay informed about every aspect of your production line, ensuring consistent product quality without the need to transport samples to a laboratory instrument.

  • Up to 5 sampling streams possible for inline Raman analysis
  • Integrated reference channel for seamless calibrations
  • High reproducibility with auto Raman shift calibration
  • Results in less than 10 seconds
  • No use of chemicals for environmentally-friendly and cost-saving monitoring
  • Rugged NEMA 4X / IP66 enclosure

Accurate and reliable results with one instrument

2060 Raman Analyzer, front

Frequent control of process parameters is critical to maintain product and process specifications and to achieve optimal product quality and consistency in any industry. Providing «real-time» smart data to any industrial control system (e.g., DCS or PLC) greatly reduces downtimes, and costly company assets are safeguarded. The 2060 Raman Analyzer uses a 785-nm laser and fiber optic probes. It has rock-solid laser stability, ensuring unwavering reliability and consistent results over extended periods.

More technical features:

  • Temperature-stabilized and high-throughput spectrometer
  • Optimally engineered multiplexer designed for five (5) sample channels
  • Advanced algorithms for fluorescence mitigation (XTR)

One software suite for any challenge

2060 Raman Analyzer, IMPACT, Vision, software, drawing, illustration, logo, Metrohm Process Analytics;2060 Raman Analyzer, IMPACT, Vision, software, drawing, illustra

The 2060 Raman Analyzer is operated with Vision and IMPACT software. These proprietary, easy-to-use software packages can be used for comprehensive data collection, qualitative and quantitative method development, and diagnostics. Various protocols for process control are available: Discrete I/O including 4 to 20 mA, OPC, Modbus, and Profibus.

Learn more about IMPACT software here

Prevent process upsets and protect your assets

2060 Raman Analyzer, IMPACT, Vision, Metrohm Process Analytics

Metrohm Process Analytics specializes in engineering and delivering tailored solutions for hazardous environments, eliminating the need for manual sampling, and thereby ensuring a safer working environment by avoiding exposure to hazardous chemicals such as HF, exothermic epoxidation, high temperature/pressure, autopolymerization, and more.

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From ammonia in saturated brine and fertilizers to zinc mining and purification –we've done it all. Our Applications Book gives a broad overview of applications sold in the past 40+ years to the process industry. With more than 10,000 process analyzers installed globally, you can be sure to find a solution to your challenge inside.

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