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Eco IC
Eco IC

Eco IC

Compact entry-level ion chromatograph offering Swiss quality at an affordable price.

Discover Eco IC, an ion chromatography system that focuses on the essentials while not compromising on quality, robustness, and reliability. Whether you need to perform routine water analysis or you’re looking for an instrument for higher education, Eco IC comes with all the components you need. In addition, you can also save time and reduce work by getting an automated system.

  • Compact system for routine water analysis and education
  • All needed components included to perform a complete analysis
  • Automation options available to save time and reduce costs
  • Intelligent IC – self-monitoring system to control and monitor processes and prevent errors
  • Swiss-made – high-quality, robust, and durable hardware and components
  • Secure data management with the GLP and FDA compliant software MagIC Net

Brochure: Eco IC (8.925.5000, PDF, 3 MB)

Catalog: The column program 2021 – An overview of all our separation columns (8.000.5347, PDF, 722 KB)

Focusing on the essentials

The Eco IC comes with all components you need for routine analysis of anions, cations, and polar substances: Suppressor, conductivity detector, and software are all included – at an affordable price.

Combining attractive pricing with Swiss quality, we offer, for instance, an affordable column for the analysis of anions in water: Metrosep A Supp 17. The column is available in three different lengths, allowing you to choose the optimal column for your application. However, you may also use a different column.

Furthermore, with an IC system from Metrohm, you will benefit from exceptional support and warranties:

  • Local support from Metrohm service technicians
  • Extensive warranties: 3 years for instruments, 10 years for the anion suppressor, 5 years software support, 10 years spare part availability

Intelligent ion chromatography IC with column detail?ts=1637768294171&dpr=off

The Eco IC is a self-monitoring system keeping track of system parameters so that you are always up to date on your system's status. For instance, the number of injections, working hours, and service intervals are clearly tracked.

In addition, the Eco IC significantly decreases the risk of damage to the column by checking the flow rate and the backpressure.

Automation for higher sample throughput

The Eco IC can be combined with an 863 Compact IC Autosampler complete with rack, vials, and caps. This allows you to analyze up to 36 samples fully automatically.

In addition, automated Eco IC systems can be fitted with Inline Ultrafiltration to remove particles from the sample.

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