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Ion chromatography (IC) is an established and useful analytical tool for pharmaceutical applications. Many times, IC is faster, easier to implement, and offers significant advantages over traditional wet chemistry methods. In a free webinar on April 18, 2023, Metrohm presents recently validated IC methods for various assays and their associated impurities and challenges associated with some magnesium-based OTC products. A live Q&A will be hosted at the end of the webinar to address any questions that may come up during the webinar.

Pharmaceutical companies that are still using traditional wet chemistry methods for assays of APIs and/or analysis of impurities can now bring their USP methods up to date: The USP has modernized a substantial number of monographs replacing outdated titrations and other wet chemistry single parameter methods by more modern IC methods.

Key learning points of this webinar:

  • Understand newly validated IC methods for pharmaceutical applications
  • Learn how ion chromatography can be used for fast and reliable salt identification, assay, and impurities
  • Learn what strategies are available for automated sample preparation to deal with difficult sample matrices