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IC-MS and IC-MS/MS are the preferred techniques for numerous applications ranging from carbohydrates to organic acids, as well as many other ionic substances. A series of free white papers investigates the unique benefits of hyphenating ion chromatography (IC) from Metrohm with sensitive mass spectrometers (MS) for the determination of the above-mentioned analytes. Background-reducing suppression for increased sensitivity, universal compatibility with software from e.g., Agilent and WatersTM, as well as patented inline sample preparation techniques (MISP) make IC-MS and IC-MS/MS with Metrohm a one-of-a-kind solution.

Applications for IC-MS and IC-MS/MS

IC-MS graphic

Multiple ions can be sensitively and selectively quantified in one run by ion chromatography when coupled to mass detection. MISP techniques improve the method efficiency by automating the sample preparation, making even complex matrices suitable for analysis with sensitive high-end mass detectors. Additionally, conductivity, amperometric, or UV-VIS detection techniques can be included in the analysis, further widening the scope of possible applications.

IC drivers for OpenLab CDS (Agilent) and Empower™ CDS (Waters™) as a single-software solution ensure easy operation of the analytical instruments. Many options are possible – the instruments can be controlled either via OpenLab CDS, Empower™, or with the combination of MagIC Net and another specific MS software.

Commonly, the hyphenation of HPLC with mass spectrometry has focused on the study of organic molecules. IC-MS opens the field to highly sensitive analysis of ions, organic acids, carbohydrates, and other ionic substances in aqueous solutions or salt-containing matrices. Some application examples include:

  • Oxyhalides (e.g., bromate, chlorate, and chlorite) in drinking water
  • Haloacetic acids in water samples
  • Inorganic anions (e.g., chloride and sulfate) in high-quality chemicals used in the semiconductor industry
  • Impurities (e.g., acetate, formate, and adipate) in chemical solutions
  • Organic acids (e.g., glycolate and citrate) in bodily fluids or soft drinks
  • Amines (e.g., ethanol- and methylamines) in process water

Metrohm has published a series of white papers that introduce IC-MS and IC-MS/MS and highlight various application possibilities. Download these free materials to learn more about the combined analytical power of Metrohm IC and mass detection. In addition, a selection of IC-MS applications can be found in the Application Finder:

Application notes on IC-MS