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Ion chromatography is a versatile technique for multi-parameter analysis of various kinds of samples. However, in order to use this technique to its full potential, a solid proficiency in sample preparation is a must. Metrohm is pleased to help increase this proficiency with the publication of the 2nd edition of their monograph Sample Preparation Techniques for Ion Chromatography. The monograph can be downloaded free of charge from the Metrohm website.

Monograph "Sample preparation techniques for ion chromatography"

The monograph gives a comprehensive overview of the techniques commonly utilized to filter, extract, digest, concentrate, etc. samples for accurate and reproducible results without putting the column of the ion chromatograph at risk. The kinds of samples considered by the authors of the monograph range from liquid to solid to gaseous matrices, and the most suitable techniques for each of them are presented. FAQs are answered, and plenty of infographics provide for an easy read.

An overview of the content:

  • Sample preparation techniques for ion chromatography – an overview
  • Solid-phase extraction as a sample preparation technique
  • Inline techniques for IC sample preparation
  • Dialysis as an automated sample preparation technique for ion chromatography
  • Extraction techniques as sample preparation methods for IC
  • Conventional digestion techniques in ion analysis by IC
  • Quality assurance measures in concentration determination with sample preparation techniques

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This monograph gives an overview of sample preparation techniques for ion chromatography and outlines in more detail solid-phase extraction, inline techniques, dialysis, extraction techniques, conventional digestion techniques, and quality assurance measures in concentration determination with sample preparation techniques for IC.