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Raman spectroscopy is a well-established spectroscopy technique, most notably in the pharmaceutical, food & feed, and polymer markets. Metrohm Process Analytics is pleased to announce the acquisition of the first Raman sensor to their portfolio: the PTRam Analyzer. This new analyzer is a high-performance, precise, rugged, and reliable Raman system featuring self-calibration and automated performance validation to ensure validity of every measurement.

Key highlights: ­

  • High-performance, precise, rugged, and reliable spectrometer ­
  • Long-lasting, rock-solid laser stability for consistent results
  • Self-calibrating and self-monitoring to ensure the validity of each measurement for 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • Single channel fiber-optically coupled sample probe with user-replaceable shaft, customizable for your measurement conditions
  • Avoid unforeseen plant shutdowns with a reliable industrial process controller

Following the concept of ultimate flexibility of Metrohm Process Analytics, the 2060 HI can be interfaced to multiple PTRam Analyzers for process automation. Thanks to the variety of process communication protocols built-in with the 2060 HI (e.g., Modbus or Discrete I/O), process data can be communicated in «real-time» to any industrial control system or directly to external devices and is accessible 24/7.