Automation for compact CVS

797 Computrace automated system with operator

Metrohm CVS can be automated to whatever degree desired by the user, also retroactively.

Choose from a large range of modules to compile the system that matches your needs.

Modular setup

You can build your CVS automation from a variety of modules.

This way, you can include all the functions you require for your application. There’s a multitude of modules that can be added to your CVS system. 

The modules


Dosinos take care of reagent and sample additions for more convenient and accurate analyses

Sample processors

Adding a sample processor to your system allows you to perform fully automated, highly precise and reproducible analyses. Depending on which sample processor you choose, you can accommodate up to 56 samples in one analysis run.

Pump stations

Metrohm’s pump stations take over the cleaning of the measuring vessel for you. A system with a pump station thus means increased user convenience and measuring accuracy, as the need for user intervention is reduced to a minimum.

It’s never too late

You have been using a manual or partly automated CVS system, but you would like to upgrade?

You can – additional modules can be joined to Metrohm CVS instruments at any time.