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Recorded webinars

PFAS screening with combustion IC

This webinar presents Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) as an innovative and robust solution for rapid and straightforward screening of environmental samples for adsorbable organofluorine (AOF) and/or extractable organofluorine (EOF).

Length: 1 hr 17 mins

IC for multiple applications

This webinar hosted by Select Science together with Metrohm shows the possibilities of ion chromatography systems that are optimized for multiple applications.

Length: 1 hr 17 mins

Automatic calibration in IC

Learn in this webinar how automatic calibration in ion chromatography can help you save time and gain reliability.

Length: 44 mins

Glyphosate and AMPA analysis

Learn how you can determine glyphosate and its primary metabolite AMPA in drinking water by ion chromatography in a straightforward manner.

Length: 40 mins

Webinars hosted by third parties 

Screenshot webinar Ion chromatography for food analysis_precise, safe, and economical

IC for food analysis

In this webinar hosted by Select Science you will learn about ion chromatography for the analysis of food products, e.g., dairy products, meat and fish, soft drinks, and baked goods. You need to register with Select Science to watch this webinar.

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Improving IC sample prep

This webinar will present inline dialysis as a solution for analyzing complex sample matrices such as particulate samples, colloids, and protein containing samples.
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Free webinar on best practices in ion chromatography (IC)

Best practices in IC

This on-demand webinar presents valuable troubleshooting tips and insights into ion chromatography and its many advantages. The webinar is brought to you by SeparationScience.

Length: 1 hr

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Food industry - Save time with IC

This on-demand webinar explains the differences between IC and HPLC and shows how IC can be used to analyze food and beverage samples.

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Webinar: Beverage analysis with ion chromatography

Improving beverage analysis with IC

This on-demand webinar explains the advantages of using ion chromatography over competing methods for beverage analysis. Learn how you can measure multiple parameters at the same time completely unattended with IC. This webinar is brought to you by New Food.

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IC webinar: inline dialysis for more efficient sample preparation of dairy analysis

Quality control of infant food

This on-demand webinar presents ion chromatography as a robust and efficient analytical technique for manufacturers, analytical labs, and public authorities to maintain and comply with the clearly defined nutritional requirements and quality standards of infant formulas and baby food. Application examples as well as automation and inline sample preparation techniques will be discussed.

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Webinar: Total PFAS analysis using Combustion Ion Chromatography

Anion analysis with new separation columns

This on-demand webinar presents anion analysis of samples with high matrix loads, high-resolution separation of early eluting organic acids, and separation of other organic acids in food and beverages.

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Webinar: Total PFAS analysis using Combustion Ion Chromatography

AOX and AOF by Combustion Elemental Analysis and CIC

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how Combustion Elemental Analysis and Combustion Ion Chromatography are a viable solution to determine the sum parameters AOX and AOF.

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Webinar: Ion chromatography and pharmaceutical applications

IC for pharma applications

This on-demand webinar presents recently validated IC methods for pharmaceutical applications, the basics of IC, and various sample preparation techniques to overcome difficult sample matrices.

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