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Laboratory Raman systems offering flexible sampling and high-quality results for your research and QC needs.

The i-Raman family of laboratory Raman systems offers you unprecedented Raman capabilities and sampling utility in a compact, lightweight design.

  • Samples can be analysed at the point of need
  • Dedicated versions available for routine analysis and education, professional lab and field testing, or advanced research
  • Selectable laser excitation (532, 785, or 1064 nm) for optimal measurement of samples ranging from biologics, carbon materials, chemical mixtures, active pharmaceutical ingredients and more
  • Wide spectral coverage and high resolution
  • Convenient sampling thanks to fiber-optic coupling

Data sheet: i-Raman Prime (280001287-D, PDF, 1.18 MB)

Data sheet: i-Raman Plus (280001231-K, PDF, 946 KB)

Data sheet: i-Raman EX (280001233-M, PDF, 951 KB)

Laboratory Raman to meet your research and QC goals

BWTEK, B&W Tek, i-Raman Plus, Glass

The i-Raman systems are optimized for the analysis of solids and liquids in the lab or at the point of need, often with no sample preparation required. Our comprehensive package of sampling accessories, including a video microscope and lenses for stand-off measurements, provide the utmost utility for Raman analysis of samples large and small, solid, liquid, or slurry.

Using the i-Raman instruments is easy. Connect the fiber-optic sampling probe to a computer via USB and be ready to start your Raman measurements out-of-the-box.

Dedicated systems to suit your needs

i-Raman Plus Vials, BWTEK, B&W Tek

We offer two distinct versions of i-Raman spectrometers. The i-Raman Plus instruments are entry-level systems that are suitable for general applications, such as academic teaching and research, and quality control for the chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

The i-Raman Prime instruments are our research-grade level spectrometers that come with the highest sensitivity and a high-throughput spectrometer. This spectrometer allows for faster measurements as needed for monitoring dynamic processes. The i-Raman Prime instruments are thus suitable for biological systems, natural products, protein, and diagnostic screening.

Versatility and ease-of-use


A fiber-optic probe can be used for flexible sampling of a range of sample sizes and forms in the laboratory, in a vessel, or difficult-to-reach positions in the field. An ST (“see-through”) probe is ideal for measuring through opaque containers, or for representative sampling of heterogeneous samples. There is also a transmission Raman module, perfect for content uniformity measurements of tablets.

The instrument’s small footprint, lightweight design, and low power consumption provide research-grade qualitative and quantitative Raman analysis capabilities for any environment.

Get the information you need

Screenshot of B&WTek software

Raman spectra are information rich and can be used for structural elucidation from the band assignments, material identification by matching the spectral fingerprint, and for quantitative analysis.

Software for data acquisition and analysis includes the standard BWSpec, and more advanced options with Vision® spectroscopic software, our proprietary BWIQ® multivariate analysis software, BWID® identification software, and BWAnalyst® software designed for content uniformity testing.

With the i-Raman instruments, a high-precision qualitative and quantitative Raman solution is at your fingertips.

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Download our free monograph "Introduction to Raman spectroscopy" to learn more about the theory, the spectrometer, and the various Raman techniques. The monograph also includes applications from different industries.

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