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The premier portable trace detection system for rapid onsite detection of contaminants in food matrices: easy, fast, flexible, and sensitive.

MISA from Metrohm Raman is a dedicated instrument for performing SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering) measurements, which permit detection and identification of analytes at very low concentrations. MISA was developed as a simple, efficient, and green testing solution to address food safety threats. Its high sensitivity, rapid analysis capabilities, and portability complete a package that includes flexible sampling accessories, sophisticated software, and easy to use consumables.

  • Results in seconds
  • Easy to use format and step-by-step instructions for sample testing
  • Flexible choice of software options – MISA Cal M for field-based testing and MISA Cal for laboratory-based analysis
  • Automated workflows are available that collect the highest quality data and perform library matching
  • Customizable applications for your area of food safety concern

MISA: Protecting consumers with the latest in food testing technology (8.950.5000, PDF, 345 KB)

Complete trace detection solution

Detection of analytes present as a minority component in a mixture – whether at 10% or 10-7% – can be a complex, expensive, time-consuming, and challenging task. SERS permits detection and identification of analytes in concentrations as low as parts per billion.

Trace analysis with SERS can be fast, convenient, and inexpensive. MISA is a dedicated SERS analyzer that retains all of the appealing features of Raman – portable equipment, multi-analyte detection capabilities, and rapid analysis.

Simple and effective

Anyone can use MISA. A simple guided workflow gives you immediate answers when every minute counts:

  • Prepare the sample with simple, target-specific methods
  • Apply the sample to dedicated SERS test materials from Metrohm Raman
  • Acquire the data with fully automated analyses
  • Read and share results immediately

Food safety is just the start

Metrohm Raman has an established group of applications, which illustrate the practical application of the MISA platform for the analysis of common pesticides, food additives, artificial dyes and illicit materials found in everyday foods. The Application Notes provide recommendations for selection of material type (gold or silver), for a particular analyte as well as detailed step-by-step procedure for performing a test. MISA, in combination with the ID Kit and the SERS Library of Illicit Materials, can be used in the search for powerful hard-to-detect illicit drugs such as fentanyl. Look for new R&D opportunities with MISA in the near future.

Learn more about applications with MISA

MISA Cal and MISA Cal M

MISA can be operated using a computer, tablet, or mobile phone at the benchtop or at the scene.

Our MISA Cal software provides intuitive interface for easy SERS and Raman operating procedure and library building, as well as results viewing and reprocessing.

The MISA Cal M mobile platform provides wireless operation and results sharing, and can give MISA users immediate information about potentially dangerous substances to support immediate action.

Which Raman spectrometer fits your requirements?

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What is SERS and when is it applied?

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