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OMNIS – A universal platform to integrate your laboratory analytics

«What’s in my sample and how much of it?» That is the question everything comes down to in your lab. To answer this question, you probably have to determine several parameters, and it is highly likely that you are using different instruments and software from different brands to do so.

Our vision is to help you integrate your entire QC analytics on an integrated, modular platform. Just one software to control everything, show the results in the same window, and feed your data into your LIMS.

OMNIS platform

Configure the system you need

  1. Stay flexible: OMNIS is modular – expand your system as you need.
  2. Connecting laboratories: Client/server version for central data management and data security.
  3. Boost your efficiency and reduce your costs: Only one software is required for all measurements – less training, easy validation, all data in one location.
  4. Benefit from all advantages of Metrohm solutions: Swiss-made quality, world-wide support, and instrument/software warranties.

OMNIS – wet chemistry, spectroscopy, automation, and more

OMNIS platform: Titration, NIR spectroscopy, and auotmation on the same platform, controlled by a single software.

OMNIS offers you the entire scope of classical wet chemistry: pH measurements, potentiometric, photometric, and thermometric titration as well as volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titration.

With OMNIS NIR spectrometers, you can benefit from all advantages of near-infrared spectroscopy: quasi real-time results with a non-destructive method that requires neither sample preparation nor reagents and solvents.

All OMNIS instruments are operated and controlled by the same software (OMNIS Software) and can be combined and scaled up to customize exactly the solution your laboratory needs.

Contact us to discuss your setup

Integrate all your QC analytics on one platform: Lab manager standing behind a OMNIS NIR Analyzer, OMNIS Sample Robot, and OMNIS Titrator. The OMNIS Software is running on a laptop.

OMNIS is a modular platform. For instance, you can combine an OMNIS Titrator and OMNIS NIR Analyzer. With NIR spectroscopy being a cost-efficient and fast method, you can use the NIR analyzer for routine analysis, and the titrator occasionally, for validation. The results of both methods are recorded in the OMNIS Software. And if your sample throughput increases, simply add an OMNIS Sample Robot for automated analysis. This combination ensures fast, reliable, and traceable results. Learn more in the brochures below.

Brochure: OMNIS Software (8.000.5433, PDF, 2 MB)

Brochure: OMNIS Titrator (8.000.5448, PDF, 205 KB)

Brochure: OMNIS NIRS (8.000.5459, PDF, 1.3 MB)

Brochure: OMNIS Sample Robot (8.000.5450, PDF, 1.29 MB)

OMNIS platform: modular, efficient, and cost-effective