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Due to properties such as, e.g., mechanical strength, high electrical and thermal conductivity, optical transparency, and more, carbon materials have become the subject of research for many applications. All over the world research laboratories are investigating carbon materials, such as graphene or carbon nanotubes, to develop new applications or to help improve existing technology. Metrohm is pleased to support these efforts with an overview of analytical methods and dedicated applications used to analyze crucial parameters in various carbon materials.

Flyer cover: Carbon materials

The small brochure covers methods ranging from Raman spectroscopy to the latest electrochemical techniques and well established methods such as titration, Karl Fischer titration, and ion chromatography. The overview is structured according to specific carbon materials defining key analysis parameters including relevant norms and standards:

  • Graphene (e.g., structural properties, oxygen content (Boehm titration), electrochemical evaluation, etc.)
  • Carbon nanotubes (e.g., disorder of crystal structure, characterization in dependence of the applied potential, etc.)
  • Graphite (e.g., characterization, intercalation and de-intercalation of lithium, water content, etc.)
  • Carbon black (e.g., electrochemical characterization, iodine adsorption number, water content, etc.)
  • Hard carbon (Insertion and de-insertion of sodium ions, water content)