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Metrohm offers the following Add-on Services:

  • Remote Support
    Support using PC to PC remote tools
  • Application Support
    Start-up method delevolpment, troubleshooting advice, method optimization
  • Training
    We take you on a continuous journey with various training programs

Buret Calibration

OMNIS Titrator, OMNIS buret, male service engineer reparing titrator, electronic boards, ESD

Metrohm Buret Calibration gives you peace of mind:

  • Trust the accuracy of your titration results
  • Be sure that your buret is working within your specifications
  • Receive a documentation that certifies the accuracy and precision of your Metrohm Dosing Unit or Exchange Unit

Brochure: Metrohm Buret Calibration (8.000.5277, PDF, 1.7 MB)

Software Care

tiamo with user

Ensure maximum system performance and data security:

  • Get optimal performance thanks to periodic software maintenance
  • Rely on a complete backup of your data
  • Profit from on-site or remote troubleshooting by trained and certified specialists

Brochure: Metrohm Software Care – Software maintenance for safer and more productive work (8.000.5100, PDF, 1.1 MB)

Electrode Care

Eco Titrator, titrator, titration finished, reports, PDF, PDF reports, with person, acidity, full equipped, pH titration

Metrohm Electrode Care significantly reduces the risk of out-of-specification results:

  • Confirm whether your electrode meets the established specifications or needs to be replaced
  • Ensure that your results always meet your quality requirements
  • Reduce downtime of your system

Brochure: Is your electrode still up to its job? Be sure with the Metrohm Electrode Care (8.109.5029, PDF, 91.7 KB)


Remote Support

male service engineer, remote support, troubleshooting, laptop, monitor

Metrohm Remote Support is available for all Metrohm systems that are controlled by PC-software. All you need to benefit from our new service is an internet connection.

Metrohm QuickSupport Link (TeamViewer session)

Solve problems more efficiently:

  • Rely on guaranteed reaction time
  • Benefit from application support directly at your workplace
  • Get rid of unnecessary onsite visits
  • Benefit from direct help in an emergency

Brochure: Metrohm Remote Support – expert help immediately (8.000.5098, PDF, 1.4 MB)

Application Support

Lab workers attending a training in the training lab of the Metrohm Academy in Herisau, Switzerland (version 2)

Application know-how is the key ingredient to use your instrument to its’ full potential. At Metrohm we’re happy to share our knowledge with you and to offer you a wide range of literature and services:

  • Access Metrohm’s Applications expertise
  • Download over 2300 free applications in the Application Finder
  • Rely on fast and professional troubleshooting support through personal consultations with our specialists by: telephone, e-mail, or Remote Support
  • Get solutions to complex analytical problems on-site or at one of our global application laboratories


OMNIS Titrator, Solvent Module, Titration Module, Dosing Module, Laptop, male lab workers

We offer basic and advanced training at our local offices, at the Metrohm Academy in Herisau or on your premises. Benefit from:

  • Efficient and proper use of all analytical methods
  • Better productivity of your staff
  • Training in your language
  • Customized training, tailored to your needs
  • Training documentation and certificates for trouble-free audits

Other service solutions

Metrohm Service Agreements
Metrohm Service Agreements
Customize your personal service and preventive maintenance solution. Metrohm Service Agreements will give you peace of mind in the regulated and non-regulated environment.
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Metrohm Installation Services
Metrohm Installation Services
Profit from our experience and select the degree of installation service including documentation that fits your needs: Basic Installation, Certified Installation, Analytical Instrument Qualification (AIQ).
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