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61429050 Reaction vessel long for stability measurements (Rancimat) with biofuel sample equipped with 62753107 Reaction vessel cover for stability measurements with 61808090 Thread adapter M8 outer / M6 inner and 62418130 Air tube long for biodiesel measu
  • Before the sample is weighed into the reaction vessel (6.1429.040, 6.1429.050), contamination, such as dust particles and small pieces of cardboard, must be removed. A sharp jet of nitrogen, for example, is suitable for this. This can be used to blow particles off both the internal and external surface of the reaction vessel.
  • Generally, the sample can be weighed directly into the reaction vessel. When doing so, you must ensure that the largest part of the sample is located in the bottom third of the reaction vessel.
  • Secure the air tube (6.2418.100, 6.2418.120, 6.2418.130) to the reaction vessel cover (6.2753.107) with an O-ring (6.1454.040) and an M8/M6 thread adapter (6.1808.090).
  • The reaction vessel cover must be put on straight and so that it forms a seal with the reaction vessel glass. Press the reaction vessel cover down until the gas inlet tube is submerged in the sample.