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Assemble the coulometer cell as follows:

  • Place the 6.1903.030 stirring bar in the coulometer cell.
  • Cut the 6.2713.0x0 ground-joint sleeves to the correct length and attach them to the ground joints of the inserts (electrodes, adsorber tube, etc.). Take care to ensure that the edges of the ground-joint sleeves are cut to size cleanly and that there are no fringes. The ground-joint sleeves must not protrude at the lower edge of the ground-joint opening.
  • Insert the 6.1403.030 adsorber tube into the generator electrode.
  • Insert the 6.0345.100 generator electrode without diaphragm or the 6.0344.100 generator electrode with diaphragm together with the adsorber tube into the large ground-joint opening at the rear.
  • Insert the 6.0341.100 indicator electrode into the left ground-joint opening.
  • Place the 6.1448.020 septum on the front opening of the coulometer cell and fix it in place with the 6.2701.040 screw cap
  • Tighten the screw cap only enough so that it seals. The septum must not bend.