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Explosion-proof Process Analyzers
Explosion-proof Process Analyzers

Explosion-proof Process Analyzers

State-of-the-art protection for online process analysis.

In explosion-hazard environments in which concentrations of flammable gases, vapors, or dusts occur, it is imperative that measuring instruments be safe to operate and that they trigger no explosions. Explosion-proof Process Analyzers are configured to comply with explosion-proof electrical area classifications.

For these environments, Metrohm Process Analytics has developed the 2045 Ex-Proof Analyzer for wet chemistry applications and 2060 The NIR Analyzers for spectroscopic applications.

  • No «Hot work permits» needed for servicing
  • Hazardous-area-rated and certified for explosion proof electrical area classifications (e.g., ATEX, ClassI Div2/ ClassI Div1, etc.)
  • Smart design avoids the need for purging large analyzer shelters (small footprint)
  • Eliminate the need for process personnel to collect samples, improving plant and environmental safety

Brochure: ADI 2045TI Ex proof process analyzer – Safe online process analysis in explosion hazard environments (8.000.5101, PDF, 1.1 MB)

Brochure: NIRS Explosion Proof Analyzers (8.000.5393, PDF, 3.7 MB)

Improve overall plant safety by employing explosion-proof analyzers

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In many cases, the highly conformed IP66-NEMA4-rated housings of process analyzers are sufficient when installed outside the hazardous area. But in locations classified as hazardous areas, certified explosion-proof systems are required.

For those circumstances, the ADI 2045TI Ex Proof Analyzer, fulfilling EU ATEX directives and certified for Zone-1 and Zone-2 areas, is available in a stainless-steel explosion-proof version for titration and photometric applications, and the 2060 The NIR-Ex Analyzer or 2060 The NIR-REx Analyzer for spectroscopic applications.

Prevent process downtimes and protect your company assets

For hazardous environments, Metrohm Process Analytics engineers and supplies custom-made solutions for any type of environment. Therefore, no manual sampling is necessary, which leads to a safer working environment (e.g., exposure to Cl2, exothermic epoxidation, high temperature/pressure, autopolymerization, and more).

Our custom-made solutions can vary from sample conditioning systems to complete shelters including ATEX-certified systems for Zone 1 and Zone 2 environments. Metrohm Process Analytics ensures the integrity of the installed systems throughout the life span of such installations by following the corresponding directive: EN-IEC60079-17 to safeguard any type of process.

Boost process productivity by efficient maintenance performance

Metrohm Process Analytics’ certified explosion-proof analyzers consist of a pressurized stainless-steel cabinet together with intrinsic safety electronic devices. This ensures that the integrity of the ATEX certification is always met thereby allowing routine maintenance (wet part section only) to be conducted without the use of “hot work” permit (e.g., Production line does not need to be stopped for maintenance).

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