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2060 TI Process Analyzer

2060 TI Process Analyzer

Integrated solution for 24/7 online monitoring of critical chemical parameters in industrial processes and wastewater streams with titration, pH, ISE, conductivity, coulometry, or photometry methods.

The 2060 TI Process Analyzer is a versatile wet-chemical analyzer which is capable of performing titration, dynamic standard addition, differential absorbance colorimetry, and direct measurements (e.g., pH, conductivity, and temperature). This combination and analysis flexibility allows you to analyze several parameters simultaneously and meet most online analytical needs.

  • Modular flexibility to up to four cabinets
  • Implementation of multiple analysis techniques to cover countless applications
  • Additional measuring techniques can be integrated (pH, conductivity)
  • IP66/NEMA 4-rated: protection in harsh environments
  • Customizable, user-friendly interface with several security levels
  • Remote control capability makes evaluating results and inspecting diagnostics easier

Brochure: 2060 TI Process Analyzer (8.000.5465, PDF, 1 MB)

Boost process productivity by monitoring different parts of a process at the same time

The new flexible layout of the 2060 Process Analyzers allows numerous combinations of multiple analysis modules for multiparameter measurements on multiple streams.

Metrohm Process Analyzers are well known for their modular configuration concept – we have now taken that flexibility one step further. The Metrohm 2060 TI Process Analyzers not only offer modularity within one cabinet, but also can contain up to four cabinets to create one single analyzer platform. The multi-cabinet configuration allows maximum flexibility to solve complex process monitoring challenges that contribute to sophisticated plant automation and higher productivity of the process.

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Protect valuable company assets by ensuring analysis data around the clock

Multiple parameters need to be constantly monitored in different industries to guarantee an efficient process. In the power plant industry for example, constant monitoring of corrosive ions is essential to prevent costly production delays, unsuccessful maintenance, and unnecessary shutdowns, ensuring the manufacturing of quality products, and avoiding the deterioration of company assets (e.g. turbines, membranes, pipes) which could cause accidents at the plant.

Using the 2060 TI Process Analyzer, plant operators can better manage, prevent, and mitigate the risk of downtimes throughout an industrial process. This analyzer can determine several parameters in parallel in one analysis in almost real time, therefore preventing errors before they arise.

Improve overall plant safety by less human exposure to the process

From high pressures and temperatures to hazardous chemicals and gaseous vapors, human interaction with these environments should be minimized or avoided as much as possible. Therefore, using an online or inline solution is preferred since manual sampling is eliminated and fully automated with operator's intervention at a minimum.

The 2060 TI Process Analyzer is the perfect solution to this problem. These analyzers can be placed at different parts of the process where extreme conditions prevent the presence of process operators due to safety concerns.

Avoid overdosing of chemicals by online process analysis

Proficient production control is always desirable by any plant operator and integrating process analyzers into the process is the way to achieve that.

By providing data in «real-time» to the industrial control system (e.g. DCS or PLC), downtimes are reduced, chemical dosings are optimized, and costly company assets are safeguarded.

The 2060 TI Process Analyzer can monitor, record, analyze, and document all important analytical parameters at the same time 24/7. The combination of the analytical methods within one system as well as the intuitive handling via the well-arranged user interface ensure easy and reliable monitoring of the entire process. Additionally, our 2060 TI Process Analyzer offers improved accuracy and precision, because «real-time» measurements prevent sample degradation, human error, contamination, and loss of volatile components.

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