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Portable Meters for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen

Portable Meters for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen

Robust portable pH meters, conductivity meters, and combined oxygen meters for use in the field or in the lab.

Our range of rugged, robust pH, conductivity, and oxygen meters are your ideal companion for routine use. You can use the instrument as a battery-powered portable meter or as a benchtop instrument in the laboratory. In addition to measuring conductivity, pH, or both, the instruments also measure Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), salinity, and temperature.

These meters are available as pH meters, conductivity meters, and combined meters.

  • Large color display and smart features for easy measurement
  • Two-in-one meters: mobile or benchtop use
  • Robust instruments with IP67 rating
  • Measure pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), ORP, conductivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature

Brochure: The new generation of Metrohm meters for pH and conductivity measurement (8.912.5000, PDF, 2.2 MB)

Brochure: Combined measuring instruments for dissolved oxygen, pH, and conductivity (8.914.5000, PDF, 1.1 MB)

Easy, robust, flexible: portable meters for field and laboratory use

The large color display with backlight on these meters makes reading the result easy in any light conditions. And to make sure that you can always trust your results, the meters are equipped with an integrated sensor quality check. 

With one of our meters, you don’t have to worry about harsh environments or long working hours – the meters are dust- and waterproof (IP67-rated), and the powerful lithium battery provides power for hours.

If you use the meter in your lab, no problem! Simply put it on the stand plate, plug it to the power outlet, and use it as a fully functional benchtop meter.

pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen measurement as you need it: our product range

We offer dedicated instrument versions for pH, conductivity, and combined measurements. The instruments are available as portable meters, two-in-one instruments for mobile or laboratory use, and with an accessories case.

Overview of models and parameters:

* Only with 854 iConnect and intelligent pH Eletrodes
912 Conductometer Cond. - - TDS Salinity Temp.
913 pH Meter - pH - - - Temp.
913 pH/DO Meter - pH DO - - Temp.
914 pH/Conductometer Cond. pH - TDS Salinity Temp.
914 pH/DO/Conductometer Cond. pH* DO TDS Salinity Temp.

Dissolved oxygen (DO) measurement with the O2-Lumitrode


For dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements in water or other liquid samples, you can use one of our dedicated meters with an O2-Lumitrode. Our O2-Lumitrode is the fastest optical sensor for DO measurement on the market.

Do you want to learn more about DO measurement? Check out this free white paper:

More about the O2-Lumitrode

Which meter fits your requirements?

Talk to your Metrohm representative and learn about the best solution for your needs!

Determining dissolved oxygen in water: Titration or direct measurement?

Download the white paper

In this white paper, two different methods for the analysis of dissolved oxygen, titration and direct measurement, are compared and contrasted to help analysts determine which method is more suitable for their specific applications.

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