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Eco KF Titrator is the economic Karl Fischer titrator for routine water content determination. This compact and easy-to-use volumetric Karl Fischer titrator enables everyone at your lab to perform routine Karl Fischer titrations.

  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Precise and accurate results
  • No contact with the reagents using the Solvent Pump for more safety in your lab
  • Global on-site service and support
  • Compliance with GLP requirements

Brochure: Eco KF Titrator – Volumetric water determination simple, safe, and reliable (8.000.5342, PDF, 2 MB)

Brochure: Eco Coulometer – Coulometric water determination simple, safe, and reliable (8.000.5371, PDF)

Karl Fischer titration made easy – and safe

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The compact Eco KF Titrator excels in simple and intuitive operation. The instrument features pre-installed example methods as well as a modern and multilingual touch screen and the titrations are carried out fully automatically.

In addition, this Karl Fischer titrator makes your lab a safer place. Using a Solvent Pump, physical contact with the reagents is prevented. You can fill and empty the titration vessel at the push of a button.

Coulometric KF titration: Eco Coulometer

If you would like to perform coulometric Karl Fischer titration, simply add an Eco Coulometer. Following the intuitive concept of the Eco KF Titrator, the Eco Coulometer makes coulometric Karl Fischer titration simple, safe, and reliable.

In addition, the Eco Coulometer can be connected to an 860 Thermoprep to determine the water content  in solid samples. And if you have to deal with high numbers of samples, you can add a 885 Compact Oven Sample Changer to fully automate the analysis of up to 17 samples.

Brochure: Eco Coulometer (8.000.5371, PDF, 740 KB)

Don’t worry about GLP compliance

Reports with the required information can be easily generated in the PDF format and printed or saved on a USB flash drive.

Service and support – wherever you are

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We guarantee on-site service and support by our global network of local Metrohm subsidiaries and distributors.

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All you need to know about Karl Fischer titration

Download free monograph

This free monograph describes the basics of KF reagents, chemical reactions, volumetric and coulometric titration, and much more. The second part of the monograph contains detailed procedures for the determination of water in different samples, covering more than 900 substances.

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