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Have you ever tried measuring ionic analytes or organic acids with High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)? Good luck with that!

The scope of HPLC is very limited for analyses of standard anions, cations, organic acids, and sugars in water and various foods, for example. For such analyses, ion chromatography (IC) is the better solution.

Why? IC can separate multiple ions and detect them using a conductivity detector. And because chemical suppression lowers background conductivity, sensitivity is not an issue, making IC suitable for trace- and ultratrace-level measurements.

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Click below to obtain your personal copy of the White Paper "When HPLC fails: IC in food, water, and pharmaceutical analysis" and learn all there is about the possibilities of suppressed ion chromatography. This White Paper provides information on the differences between HPLC and IC, the benefits of suppression in IC, and typical applications of IC that cannot be done with HPLC.

Key benefits of Metrohm ion chromatography

  1. Hardly any influences of the sample matrix on the separation
  2. Metal-free system
  3. Organic solvents are not required in the mobile phase
  4. Large calibration ranges: measurement of samples with concentrations from percentages down to ng/L with ease
  5. Fully automated inline sample preparation possible
  6. Multitude of different column materials and dimensions available for specific separation challenges
  7. Straightforward preparation and disposal of mobile phase and auxiliary solutions

Metrohm Suppressor Module: Why it saves money

The patented Metrohm Suppressor Module, or MSM for short, consists of a small rotor containing three cartridges filled with ion exchanger resin (see video). While the first cartridge is used for suppression, a regeneration step is performed on the second cartridge. Meanwhile, the third cartridge undergoes a rinsing step. Thanks to the three-cartridge system, a freshly regenerated cartridge is always available for every new sample – there is no idle time.

Because it is self-regenerating, our MSM is not a consumable that needs to be replaced. The anion MSM comes with a 10-year warranty. You can therefore rely on long years of accurate performance for your IC system.