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Portable multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats
Portable multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats

Portable multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats

Obtain more results in less time keeping the reduced size and simplicity

The portable multichannel potentiostats/galvanostats/EIS are affordable instruments that enable you to optimize your time. You will be able to develop applications not only in your lab but also in field with conventional electrodes and with screen-printed electrodes.

They are an ideal and practical solution in many research areas such as (bio)sensor, corrosion, electrocatalysis, coin-cell batteries, fundamental electrochemistry, or (bio)fuel cells among others.

  • Flexibility with future expandability up to 16 channels
  • Easily connected to a PC via USB, through wireless or even remotely
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use software for running multiple measurements independently
  • Allowing configurations with multiple working electrodes (WEs) sharing auxiliary (AE) and reference electrodes (RE)

Save time performing multiple measurements

DropSens, Portable Multipotentiostat 8 channels, STAT8000, STAT8000P, CAST1X8

With the portable multichannel potentiostats, you can perform multiple independent measurements with a high number of combinations covering a wide range of techniques (potentiostat/galvanostat/EIS).

Connect the potentiostat to the intuitive DropView software and enjoy the possibilities for performing multiple analyses.

Configure the perfect instrument for you

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Design your instrument according to your present and future needs.

Choose between the different models with the possibility to work from 4 to up to 16 channels. Decide if you are interested in having potentiostatic but also galvanostatic techniques and determine whether floating mode will be required for your experiments.

Flexibility in end-user location

DropSens, Remote Connection

Enjoy full flexibility in your experimental setup. Go unplugged thanks to wireless connection and optional battery operation. Depending on the model, you will be able to even connect remotely to the instrument allowing multiple users to work with the same instrument at the same time.

Which potentiostat or galvanostat fits your requirements?

Talk to your Metrohm representative and learn about the best solution for your needs!

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