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2-mm columns, microbore capillaries, and a new conductivity detector with a reduced volume are the key features of the latest Metrohm IC systems. «Going microbore» means that users of Metrohm IC can now save up to 75% of eluent compared to 4-mm standardbore systems while increasing the sensitivity of their analytics by up to 20%.

At the heart of the microbore IC systems from Metrohm is the new Conductivity Detector MB, which tolerates even challenging eluents such as methanesulfonic acid (MSA). With an upgrade to MagIC Net 4.1, this detector can also be used with any current standardbore Metrohm IC system increasing the scope of possible applications. A dedicated kit makes it easy to upgrade any current standardbore Metrohm IC system to a microbore IC system making the benefits of microbore IC also available to Metrohm customers using the brand’s current 4-mm systems.

Metrohm microbore IC is highly flexible, provides for superior separation and selectivity, and is ideally suited for hyphenation with high-end mass detectors.

Outstanding Swiss quality, service, and application support by local Metrohm subsidiaries and exclusive distributors in more than 80 countries make Metrohm the preferred choice when it comes to ion chromatography.