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In a joint webinar on June 23, 2022, Theresa Steurer from Metrohm International Headquarters, Switzerland, and Leo Yeung from Örebro University, Sweden, present Combustion Ion Chromatography (CIC) as an innovative solution for rapid and straightforward screening environmental samples for the presence of adsorbable organofluorine (AOF) and/or extractable organofluorine (EOF).

Accurate and fast total PFAS analysis with combustion ion chromatography (CIC).

Total PFAS analysis by CIC can provide an accurate picture of the overall contamination level before more expensive and time-consuming analytical techniques are deployed for targeted analysis of specific PFASs. CIC is a fully automated technique and can be a valuable tool for public authorities and any laboratories in general tasked with PFAS monitoring and the identification of hotspots.

Participants in this webinar can learn more about:

  • The features and benefits of combustion as an automated sample preparation technique for IC
  • The analytical procedures for CIC analysis of AOF and EOF
  • CIC as a robust, fully automated solution for PFAS monitoring