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Infant formulas and baby food must meet clearly defined nutritional requirements and quality standards. In a free webinar hosted by New Food on May 4, 2022, Dr. Elke Suess from Metrohm AG (IC) presents ion chromatography (IC) as a robust and efficient analytical technique for manufacturers, analytical laboratories, and public authorities to maintain and comply with these standards and requirements.

Dr. Suess will demonstrate benefits of IC for routine analysis through applications ranging from carbohydrates to micronutrients, and contaminants such as nitrate, nitrite, and melamine. The webinar places a special focus on automation and inline sample preparation techniques, which can boost efficiency significantly when dealing with large sample series every day.

Key learning objectives of this webinar:

  • How to use IC for straightforward routine analysis of inorganic anions and cations, carbohydrates, GOS/FOS, choline, melamine, and more
  • Understanding how efficiency of this multi-parameter technique is boosted by automation and inline sample preparation techniques to save time and increase sample throughput
  • Learning about the flexibility of IC and how an IC system can be easily upgraded for future analytical requirements