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The MIRA XTR DS handheld Raman spectrometer and Autofocus Standoff Attachment (AFSO) from Metrohm can be integrated into the IBEX CBRNe robot system equipped with environmental sensors. Operated remotely, IBEX can assess hazards, gather detailed intelligence, and identify unknowns without ever placing a human in harm’s way.

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Fast ID of unknown materials

The most powerful capability of IBEX is chemical identification. Using stand-off Raman technology, MIRA and AFSO can identify unknowns from two meters away. Simply point the laser sight at a suspicious substance and get a result seconds later. MIRA can identify more than 20.000 substances, including illicit drugs, explosives, precursors, and other hazardous chemicals.

Instant risk assessment

IBEX transmits detailed information from the hot zone for instant assessment of human safety risks. The sensors include a Chemical Warfare Agent (CWA) Detector, Radiological/Nuclear Detectors, and a PID Gas Monitor.

The superior maneuverability of the Spot robot from Boston Dynamics enables operator access to compromised or clandestine locations for reconnaissance missions and sensitive site exploitation. With a flexible arm, Spot can open doors, move objects out of the way and collect samples from the hot zone.

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