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Metrohm is pleased to present a free white paper that gives an overview how manufacturers and QC labs can use ion chromatography (IC) to determine numerous carbohydrates, micronutrients, and contaminants in infant and follow-on formulas – fully automatically and at lower costs than competing methods.

The quality and integrity of infant formula is strongly regulated by national and international standards. Among the preferred analytical methods mentioned by Codex Alimentarius (CXS 234-1999), ion chromatography (IC) stands out for its robustness, ease of use, and capability to determine multiple parameters with a single analysis.

The present white paper gives a comprehensive overview of the following topics and applications of ion chromatography:

  • Ion chromatography: how it is applied for QC of infant and follow-on formulas
  • Current regulations, norms, and standards
  • Analysis of carbohydrates (mono- and disaccharides, oligosaccharides: GOS, FOS, and fructans)
  • Analysis of micronutrients and other specifications (minerals, vitamins, vitamin-like components)
  • Analysis of contaminants (melamine, nitrite, nitrate, ...)