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The laboratory of the Swiss Canton of Zurich monitors the compliance of more than 200 public and private water utilities with the official regulations. In order to become more efficient, this public institution decided to consolidate their drinking water analysis on TitrIC, an integrated platform from Metrohm.

"We analyze between 30 and 100 samples every day, which is a considerable logistic challenge" says Stephan Reber, Head of the Department of Elemental Analysis at the Laboratory of the Swiss Canton of Zurich. "We were looking for a way to make our routine analysis more efficient. With TitrIC from Metrohm, we can determine 20 different parameters in a single run, completely unattended.

As the name suggests, TitrIC combines titration and ion chromatography on an integrated, fully automated platform. Results are collected in a shared database and aggregated in the same report. For maximum reliability, TitrIC informs users when calibrations of electrodes are due, or titer determination should be carried out. Likewise, check standards are automatically injected after a defined number of samples. TitrIC is automatically recalibrated if the check result lies outside of the specified limits.

The following parameters are automatically determined by TitrIC:

  • pH value 
  • Temperature Conductivity Alkalinity (p and m value) 
  • Hardness (calcium and magnesium) 
  • Cations (e.g., lithium, sodium, ammonium, calcium …) 
  • Anions (e.g., fluoride, chloride, bromide, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate …) 
  • Ionic balance


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