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Many laboratories are still using manual titration to perform their routine analysis. However, glass burets are delicate to handle, volumes are difficult to read, and exposure to hazardous liquids pose a threat to the user’s health. A short video describes and explains these and other reasons why laboratories should switch from manual titration to using an automatic system with a digital buret and a potentiometric end point detection.

Switching to automated titration

As titration is one of the oldest methods of chemical analysis, many standards still describe manual titration methods. As such older standard methods are being modernized for many applications, users should think about switching to automatic titration. Here are the key reasons described in the video by Product Specialist Titration Iris Kalkman:

  • The buret is filled and emptied at the touch of a button
  • Modern titration systems provide step by step guidance how to prepare the titration
  • Digital titrators provide for more reliable and reproducible endpoint evaluation
  • The complete analysis is documented according to GxP requirements
  • The user is protected from direct exposure to hazardous chemicals

The video can be watched on the Metrohm YouTube Channel.