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Stripping voltammetry uses electrochemical sensors for the determination of heavy metal ions in different types of samples. These can include boiler feed water, drinking water, sea water, beverages, and even industrial samples like plating baths.

Low detection limits (between μg/L and ng/L), the possibility to distinguish between different oxida-tion states (e.g., As(V) and As(III)) as well as between free and bound metal ions, and low costs of owner-ship combined with quick results (approximately 10–15 minutes) make stripping voltammetry attractive for both stationary and mobile applications.

Green alternative methods for voltammetric analysis in different water matrices

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To meet legal regulations and to eliminate the use of metallic mercury (Hg), Metrohm has developed Hg-free alternatives for heavy metal determination. An overview of these alternative methods is given in this White Paper.