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Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering or SERS is an anomalous enhancement of Raman scattering when molecules are adsorbed to gold or silver nanoparticles – this enhancement can be as large as 107. The advantage of SERS for the analytical chemist lies in its ability to detect analyte concentrations of parts per million and even parts per billion levels, while classical Raman is limited to parts per thousand. Metrohm Raman produces P-SERS assays in the form of nanoparticles printed onto substrates using inkjet technology. This method produces inexpensive test strips that exhibit exceptional stability and sensitivity. There are two markets that can be easily addressed with P-SERS: forensic analysis
and food safety. This white paper explains the mechanism of SERS and how it can be applied to handheld Raman analysis with Metrohm Raman Mira systems.


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