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The analysis described in this poster dicusses thermometric titration as a promising method for the straightforward sodium determination in foodstuffs. Thermometric sodium titration was tested for its applicability to various food matrices such as soups, gravy and several salty snacks. Enthalpy change can be monitored as a change in temperature of the solution using a sensitive digital thermometer. The sodium determination described here relies on the exothermic precipitation of elpasolite (NaK2AlF6). The titrant is a standard aluminum solution which contains an excess of potassium ions. The titration is performed directly on a suspension of the food sample and is completed in under two minutes. The method is robust, can be fully automated and due to the highly reproducible high-frequency homogenization, copes with a variety of challenging food matrices (ketchup, instant soups, pretzels, etc.). In addition to this application note, you can find more information on thermometric sodium determination in foods in our application video available on YouTube:


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