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Modern laboratories involved in routine process and quality control of fats and oils demand high analytical productivity with minimum operator involvement. Automated thermometric titrimetry is well suited to the task. No electrical contact with titrating solutions is required, so samples can be titrated in a totally nonaqueous environment. The endpoint is determined automatically, not prone to operator bias and can be detected in highly colored or turbid solutions, or even in media containing suspended solids. The thermometric sensing probe requires no maintenance, special preparation, regeneration or calibration and can be stored dry between titrations.Two determinations common in the analysis of fats and oils illustrate the versatility of the technique, namely the free fatty acid (FFA) content and the iodine value (IV). In both analyses, excellent agreement has been demonstrated with results obtained by official methods of analysis. The titrations are very fast, typically less than a minute in duration, and can be conducted using an automatic sample changer.

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