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Inline coupling of the 815 Robotic Soliprep with an ion chromatograph (IC) allows the straightforward determination of anions and cations in tablets. After automatic solvent addition and subsequent comminution, the homogenized tablet samples (Singulair and Bezafibrat) are filtered and subsequently transferred to the injector. The completely automated sample preparation saves both time and money, guarantees traceability of each sample preparation step and yields correct and precise results. In the range of 0.2…50 mg/L, six-point calibration curves for anions and cations yield correlation coefficients better than 0.99990 and 0.99991, respectively. While relative standard deviations (RSDs) for sub-ppm levels of nitrate, sulfate, calcium and magnesium in Singulair and Bezafibrat are smaller than 3.64%, RSD of ppm levels of chloride is better than 0.83%. The application of further inline sample preparation steps such as pulverizing, extracting, filtering or diluting facilitates numerous custom-tailored setups for ion determinations in exacting matrices such as animal feed, sediments or food.

Metrohm AG

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