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Comparative measurements show that the new Metrosep C 4 cation column has even better separation characteristics than the previous Metrosep C 2 and Metrosep Cation 1-2 column types. The Metrosep C 4 column has a clearly improved peak shape which leads to a better separation of the individual peaks. Using Metrosep C 4 the number of theoretical plates per meter was noticeably higher than that obtained on the Metrosep C 2 or C 1-2 column. Additionally for standard cations transition metals and amines, the Metrosep C 4 column shows better results with respect to peak shape, peak height, resolution and asymmetry factor. The clearly improved resolution of the C 4 column with its narrow and high peaks achieves baseline separation for six standard and six transition metal cations. Analysis times and peak areas obtained with the C 4 column are in the same range as those obtained with its predecessors.As a result of the latest production methods and materials, the promising Metrosep C 4 column excels by an outstanding separation performance for complex mixtures comprising standard cations, transition metal cations and amines.

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