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Compared to the classical Epton titration, potentiometrically indicated two-phase titrations using organic-solvent-resistant Surfactrodes can be easily automated and require no toxic and environmentally hazardous chloroform. Even challenging matrices such as fats and oils in bath oils and hair conditioners or strong oxidizing agents in washing powder and industrial cleaners do not interfere with the titration of the ionic surfactants. Results obtained show excellent agreement to those of the Epton titration. Irrespective of the matrix, relative standard deviations of threefold determinations are all below 2.1%. While the Surfactrode Resistant is mainly used for oil-containing formulations, the Surfactrode Refill is ideal for washing powders and soaps. Both electrodes excel by their ruggedness and allow the rapid and precise determination of anionic and cationic surfactants.

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