The combination of 850 Professional IC, 858 Professional Sample Processor, Dosino and MagIC NetTM software offers a variety of sophisticated ion chromatographic sample preparation techniques. One of these is the automated inline dilution of samples.After the first sample injection, MagIC NetTM verifies if the area of the sample peak lies within the calibration range. If the measured peak area is outside these limits, the software calculates the appropriate dilution factor, dilutes and automatically re-injects the sample. For all investigated ions (Li+, Na+, K+, Ca2+, Mg2+, F-, Cl- , NO2-, Br-, NO3-, SO42- ), automated logical dilution yielded coefficients of determination (R2) better than 0.9999. Direct-injection recoveries for cations and anions were within 98.6…99.5% and 93.4…100.4% respectively. In contrast, after logical dilution, recoveries for cations and anions were within 100.1…102.9% and 98.2…102.6% respectively. The relative standard deviations for all determinations involving diluted sample solutions were smaller than 0.91%.

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