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The vaping and electronic cigarette industries are growing. The mixtures used in these products are usually called e-liquid, e-fluid, or e-juice. Toensure the quality of these e-liquids, testing the most important parameters is required. One important quality control parameter is water or moisture content.

Water/moisture content determination by Karl Fischer titration (KFT) is an established and reliable procedure. Compared to other methods the advantages of KFT are its accuracy, speed, and selectivity. For high water content samples, such as e-liquids, volumetric KFT is the method of choice.

In this Application Note a system for the fast and reliable determination of the water content in E-liquids is presented. This fully automated system performs the analysis including system preparation, blank, titer, and sample determination completely unattended. Hence, the workload of the operator is reduced to only weighing in the sample and placing the sealed sample vessels on the system.



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