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This Application Bulletin describes two methods for the determination of iron at the Multi Mode Electrode.

Method 1, the polarographic determination at the DME, is recommended for concentrations of β(Fe) > 200 μg/L. For this method the linear range is up to β(Fe) = 800 μg/L.

For concentrations < 200 μg/L

Method 2, the voltammetric determination at the HMDE, is to be preferred. The detection limit for this method is β(Fe) = 2 μg/L, the limit of quantification is β(Fe) = 6 μg/L. The sensitivity of the method cannot be increased by deposition.

Iron(II) and iron(III) have the same sensitivity for both methods.

These methods have been elaborated for the determination of iron in water samples. For water samples with high calcium and magnesium concentrations such as, for example, seawater, a slightly modified electrolyte is used in order to prevent precipitation of the corresponding metal hydroxides. The methods can also be used for samples with organic loading (wastewater, beverages, biological fluids, pharmaceutical or crude oil products) after appropriate digestion.


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