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This Bulletin describes the determination of arsenic by anodic stripping voltammetry (ASV) at the rotating gold electrode. A determination limit of 0.5 μg/L can be achieved with 10 mL sample solution. A differentiation between the As(III) concentration and the total arsenic concentration can be made by appropriate selection of the deposition potential. The analyses are performed with a special gold electrode whose active surface is located laterally; c(HCl) = 5 mol/L is used as supporting electrolyte. For the determination of the total arsenic content, As(III) and As(V) are reduced at -1200 mV by nascent hydrogen to As0, which is preconcentrated on the electrode surface. If the deposition is carried out at -200 mV then only As(III) is reduced; this allows the differentiation between total arsenic and As(III). During the subsequent voltammetric determination the preconcentrated As0 is again oxidized to As(III).

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