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This Bulletin describes three potentiometric, one photometric, one thermometric and one conductometric titration method for sulfate determination. The question of which indication method is the most suitable depends primarily on the sample matrix.

Method 1: Precipitation as barium sulfate and back titration of the Ba2+ surplus with EGTA. Use of the ion-selective calcium electrode as indicator electrode.

Method 2: As with Method 1, although with the electrode combination tungsten/platinum.

Method 3: Precipitation titration in semi-aqueous solution with lead nitrate in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia using the ion-selective lead electrode as indicator electrode.

Method 4: Photometric titration with lead nitrate, dithizone indicator and the Optrode 610 nm, particularly suitable for low concentrations (up to 5 mg SO42- in the sample solution).

Method 5: Thermometric precipitation titration with Ba2+ in aqueous solution, particularly suitable for fertilizers.

Method 6: Conductometric titration with barium acetate in accordance with DIN 53127


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