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This Bulletin is a supplement to Application Bulletin no. 36 (Half-wave potentials of inorganic substances) in the sense that the half-wave potentials of 100 different organic substances are listed. At the same time the supporting electrolytes used and the limits of determination are given.

The various substances are listed in alphabetical order. The most important polarographically active functional groups are taken into consideration. This means that substances for related structures can also be determined polarographically in the same or similar supporting electrolytes, although they may not appear in the list.

Unless otherwise stated, the half-wave potentials refer to a temperature of 20 °C, and the potentials are given in volts, measured with a sat. KCI-Ag/AgCl electrode assembly.

The determination limits give the smallest concentrations which can be measured without risking serious errors in the results. In all cases, the limit of detection lies below the limit of determination.


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