New health regulations to govern sodium content in food.
2016-07-25 03:30 PM (Gauteng, South Africa)

Comply with new Na legislation.

As you may be aware the DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH is implementing new regulations relating to reduction of Sodium in certain foodstuffs (ACT 54 of 1972, No. R 214). According to the act the level of Na in bread, ready-to-eat snacks, breakfast cereals, butter , potato chips, stock cubes, processed meat, dry soup powders, etc must be reduced to combat health issues related to the heart, brain, kidneys, bones, stomach and overall health in general.

The Act specifies that True Sodium content can be determined potentiometrically or via spectroscopic techniques. Is your lab equipped to comply with this new testing regulation? If not, then Metrohm has a cost-effective solution for you in the form of the Metrohm ion meter with a Na ISE. This easy-to-use system makes use of the standard addition technique to overcome the matrix influence of various food types. The standard can be added manually with a pipette or automatically with a high precision Metrohm dosimat.