Mira M-3 Advanced Package

Mira M-3 Advanced Package
Order Number: 2.924.0020

The Metrohm Instant Raman Analyzer (MIRA) M-3 is a high performance, handheld Raman spectrometer used for rapid, nondestructive identification and verification of different material types, such as Pharmaceutical APIs and excipients. Despite the small size of the instrument, the Mira M-3 has a ruggedized design and features a high-efficiency spectrograph design equipped with our unique Orbital-Raster-Scan (ORS) technology. The Mira M-3 is fully compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

The Advanced Package includes an attachment lens for analyzing materials directly or through containers (laser Class 3b), as well as a vial holder attachment for analyzing materials contained in glass vials (laser Class 1).

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Barcode Scanner true
Battery life (h) ≥ 4h (with recommended batteries)
Height (mm) 45.0
Laser class according to EN 60825-1 Mira M-3 Basic Class 1
Laser output power (mW) ≤ 100 mW
Laser Wavelength (nm) 785.0
Length (mm) 128.0
Resolution (cm⁻¹) (FWHM) 14-16
Spectral Range (cm⁻¹) 400-2300
Touchscreen Display 3.7" Resistive or 9.4 cm
Weight (grams) 752.0
Width (mm) 88.0