Potentiometric titration of surfactants and pharmaceuticals – more than 170 proven applications

Metrohm is pleased to present an Application Bulletin (AB 268) that gives an overview of the multitude of surfactants and pharmaceuticals that can be determined by potentiometric titration.

This AB comes with a tabular overview of more than 170 proven applications for surfactant and pharmaceutical analysis. Readers can see at a glance, which surfactant electrode and which titrant are suited best to analyze the respective product.

Moreover, the new AB comes with detailed information on the preparation of titrants and titer determination. Titrants covered are:
  • Titrants based on TEGO®trant A100 for the determination of anionic surfactants
  • Titrants based on sodium dodecyl sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate) for the determination of cationic surfactants
  • Titrants based on sodium tetraphenylborate (STPB) for the determination of nonionic surfactants and pharmaceutical compounds