Improving Productivity and Profitability in the Environmental Lab
9/24/2015 11:00 AM - 9/24/2015 12:00 PM

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Metrohm Service
Ion chromatography is most frequently used to determine the concentration of common anions and cations in water samples in compliance with EPA methods. The growing list of contaminants and stringent regulatory requirements forces environmental labs to process more samples in less time to remain profitable. 

On average, 40% of IC samples require dilution and often a second run if one or more ions are out of calibration range. Additionally, the majority of water samples need filtration before measurement, a potentially time-consuming and expensive sample preparation step that can decrease sample throughput. Combining inline sample filtration with automated intelligent dilution lowers consumable expenses and labor costs and increases sample throughput. This combination generates profitable IC analysis without compromising accuracy. 

This webinar will demonstrate the throughput and financial advantages of automated intelligent dilution and in-line filtration for cation and anion determinations in water samples. Discover improvements in all steps of the analytical measurement, including the ability to automatically add quality control check standards as required by regulatory methods.