Improving Consistency of Moisture Measurements in Food Samples
3/22/2018 2:00 PM - 3/22/2018 3:00 PM (World Wide Web, Global)

KF Chemist

Consistent quality and stability of ingredients and finished food products rely on accurate moisture analysis. Understanding how to both integrate sample preparation and optimize reagents improves method development for higher accuracy measurements. For many samples, water is unevenly distributed and getting accurate results often requires sample preparation prior to measurement. Other samples present challenges such as a high carbohydrate profile which impacts the solvents selected. When both sample preparation and reagents are optimized, the results deliver consistency your laboratory can sustain.  

Attend this webinar to hear Lori Spafford, Product Manager, introduce ideal preparation techniques and explain how to modify Karl Fischer solvents systems to improve sample solubility and measurement accuracy.  This session will include tips for method development and an interactive Q&A session.