Ionic Analysis Drives Modern Analytical Chemistry - Worcester, MA
9/22/2015 - 9/22/2015 (Massachussetts, USA)

Attend our half day seminar and find out how advancements in Potentiometric Titration and Trace Metal Analysis can improve the productivity of your lab and make your life easier. The following topics will be taught:

Seminars & Training
Potentiometric Titration
  • How titration works & key electrode functions
  • When to use different titration modes
  • Optimizing titration parameters
  • Troubleshooting difficult samples
  • Interactive Q&A session about your titrations
Trace Metal Analysis
  • Why is trace metal analysis important?
  • Principles of Operation
  • Basic voltammetry techniques & their importance in trace analysis
  • Key applications areas for trace metal analysis
  • Advanced tools for research with Autolab and DropSens