Metrohm Support Chilli Testing Project
11/01/2016 02:00

Metrohm donate screen-printed electrodes to support Oxford University, Compton Group, in their schools outreach ‘Chilli Testing’ project

To continue the synergy between Metrohm and The Compton Electrochemistry Group and in support of their schools outreach project, Metrohm are pleased to donate DropSens screen printed electrodes.

Metrohm is a sales, support and service company for the UK and Ireland Electrochemistry market. This includes distribution of Autolab potentiostats and DropSens screen printed electrodes and potentiostats and as such have developed a good working relationship with The Compton Group at the University of Oxford. Researchers there have developed a simple electro-analytical capsaican test to determine the heat of chilli peppers and chilli sauces. 

DropSens chilli Dr. Andrew Osborne present the electrodes.
The Oxford Chilli Tester is being supplied to a number of schools who then build their own research projects around this – with some interesting findings so far! In continued support of this project, and with the support from DropSens, Metrohm have donated DropSens screen-printed electrodes, essential for this electro-analytical test.

Dr Andrew Osborne represented Metrohm and Dropsens and presented the screen printed electrodes to The Compton Group during a recent training day.

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