Regulatory Software Compliance within Pharmaceutical Industry
23/08/2017 16:06 (UK)

Metrohm IC with Empower
Many pharmaceutical laboratories are standardised using the Waters’ Empower 3 Chromatography Data Software platform so that only one software package is utilised throughout the laboratory operating all the different analytical instruments.
Historically Empower 3 was used for reporting and other software’s used for control of instruments with multiple interface boxes used to feed the signal from one package to another. This often caused practical issues in terms of routine operation and technical support involving different vendors.

Metrohm ion chromatography instruments including gradients can be controlled directly using Empower 3 offering a simple solution with regard to regulatory compliance required for the pharmaceutical industry.

In pharmaceutical environments, a key advantage of the Metrohm system is the ability of both the column and anion suppressor to withstand organic modifiers or solvents that are often used for dissolution of samples…ultimately this will help extend the column lifetime and contribute to lower cost of analysis per sample.
Typical applications in a pharmaceutical environment could include anions like sulfate and sulfamate or cations such as diethylamine.

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